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Lichtwoche Sauerland

March 2023. At the “Lichtwoche Sauerland” trade fair, the brands HELL, BANKAMP and BANKAMP PRO presented new lights from Burkhard Dämmer. Among others, the MESH family has been expanded to include additional standing, table, pendant and batterie lamps.

Naturally Divine

February 2023. The OH-Line in the new LZF communication
campaign. It is titled ‘Naturally Divine´ and created by photography studio CUALITI from Valencia.
The result: a spiritual dimension of light and illumination.

Zur Webseite:

Naturally Divine

Dandelion in Chicago

January 2023. Architect Juli Capella designed the JALEO Restaurant in Chicago and chose DANDELION luminaires
for the lighting.

To the website:


Frankfurter Buchmesse 22

October 2022. Spain is the guest of honor at the world’s largest book fair and as such an entire pavilion is dedicated
to it. The main stage for lectures, talks and discussions is illuminated by the LZF DANDELION luminaire.


September 2022. The MESH lamp, designed for B lamps,
is now available.
The MESH family is particularly characterized by its diffuser made of fine metal mesh. It is available as a pendant, floor, table, ceiling and wall lamp in various sizes.

Visit to WienLicht

July 2022. WienLicht is a traditional light house in Vienna that offers luminaires and lighting design.
The exclusive product range has now been expanded to include the MOVE series from Bankamp Pro. Another reason to visit the city of Vienna.

To the website:


GIA for the MOVEe

May 2022. The MOVEe light from the BANKAMP PRO brand has received a “Winner” award at the “German Innovation Award”.

To the website:


Bankamp Pro

March 2022. The time has come, the “MOVE” lighting series is launched.
The development of the series, equipped with many technical innovations, prompted the manufacturer to found the new brand “Bankamp Pro”.

To the website:

Bankamp Pro

Case study

March 2022. This is how we imagine a bass reflex speaker.

Pictures can be found at:


Proyecto Contract

February 2022. An article in the Spanish magazine
Proyecto Contract about a project in New York where the LZF luminaires I-Club and Cuad were used.

You can find the article at:

Proyecto Contract

Lamps on-screen

August 2021. As a cineast, it is always a pleasure to discover your own designs in films. The lights “I-Club”, “Poppy”, “Icon” and “Totem” have a smaller or larger appearance in the following cinema or TV productions:
“Mile 22” with Mark Wahlberg and John Malkovich; Aldomovar´s “Pain and Glory” with Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz. In the Netflix series “Marseille” with Gérard Depardieu; “Grace and Frankie” with Jane Fonda. in the Spanish series “The Pier” and in episodes of the German crime series “Tatort” and “Der Kriminalist”.

Audience with the King and Queen

June 2021. Congratulations! Our friends Marivi and Sandro from LZF won the National Innovation and Design Award.
They recieved the award at the ceremony in Granada from King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain

National Innovation and Design Award


January 2021. Without sadness we say goodbye to 2020 and look to the new year with optimism.
More than a dozen projects are currently in the prototype phase. The first lights will be presented in spring for the Sauerland Light Week. New furniture and accessory projects follow. More shortly.

Q & A

November 2020. A Q&A with long-standing LZF collaborator Burkhard Dämmer.


OH! Line

September 2020. LZF presents the new OH! Line.
The lamp was created in cooperation between LZF’s CEO
Marivi Calvo and Burkhard Dämmer.

You can find more information at LZF at:

OH! Line

New York

August 2020. The Koch Center for Cancer Care in New York has opened. For the interior design, the director of design and construction, Suzen Heeley, chose the LZF lights Cuad and I-Club, among others.

You can find more information at LZF at:

LZF at Koch Center

We won

June 2020. We won LZF’s “Telling Tale” photo competition. Many thanks to the LZF team and the international jury.
The photo competition put a smile on our faces in the difficult times of restrictions.

More information about the competition can be found at:

Telling Tale

2020 collection

June 2020. In the weeks of restrictions we let our ideas flow. Innovative products in the areas of accessories, furniture and lighting have been created on this initiative. We will present the designs for the “2020 collection” to you here in the coming months.

Opening in the STÄDEL

May 2020. On May 19. in 2020 the Garden Hall of the
STÄDEL Museum will be reopened with the exhibition
“Back to the Present”.
For eight years now, the artworks have been protected with the Museum Stand System designed by Burkhard Dämmer.

LZF´s new I-Line

February 2020. The new LZF luminaire family I-Line will be released soon. The link leads you to an announcement clip to LZF’s on Twitter.

L-Line Clip

POPPY in Waalwijk

January 2020. With a restrained sense of elegance, LZF´s Poppy pendant shines throughout the new Lucky Apple restaurant in Waalwijk, in the southern Netherlands.

New lamp for Bankamp

November 2019. The new Bankamp pendant light is available now. Caro offers infinitely dimmable direct and indirect light. The control can be done via switch, Zigbee, remote control, smartphone, gestures or voice. Furthermore six integrated LED spots are manually adjustable at an angle of 360°.

Rotterdam, Display at PLDC

October 2019. With Display, Joylight presented a new product category at the Light Congress in Rotterdam.
Display is also an exhibition showcase and light source for outdoor use. It allows the protected presentation of objects while illuminating the environment. For assembly, the protective glass can be lowered automatically and a variation of LED spotlights allows the perfect illumination of the object.

Lisbon, Coletivo 284

August 2019. Coletivo 284 is a new multipurpose space in Lisbon. It´s designed as daily work space and simultaneously can host several kind of events such as vernissages, presentations or meetings.
Just the right place to be equiped with LZF lamps like the Quad.

Lamp meets table

June 2019. Renowned Spanish designer Vicent Martinez has combined his new office furniture series “Libris” for CAPDELL with the LZF I-Club table lamp by Burkhard Dämmer.

Four more Design Awards

May 2019. The LEAF luminaire was awarded a “Winner” Award at the “German Innovation Award”.

In February, the “Chicago Athenaeum Museum” honored iJOY´s LEAF, TILE and CLIP luminaires with a “GOOD DESIGN AWARD”.

Hudson Yard

March 2019. The newly opened restaurant Mecado little Spain in New York’s Hudson Yard district will be lit up with an LZF installation, including Totem, Pod and Poppies.

ICONIC Award Ceremony

January 2019. On January 13th, the ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Interior were presented at the Kölnischer Kunstverein.
We are pleased about the Best of Best award.


December 2018. The “Leaf” luminaire has been awarded a “Best of Best” award in the “Innovative Interior” category at the “ICONIC Award”.

Four awards at the German Design Award

November 2018. The outdoor light “Leaf” has been awarded with the “Winner Award” by the German Design Council. The lamps “Tile”, “Clip” and “Shower” received the “Special Award”.

Round trip through China

October 2018. The trip took me to Shanghai, Wuxi, HongKong and Chengdu. In detail: visit to the new Shanghai office of Joy Lighting; Visit of temples, old town and showroom in Wuxi; Visit to the HongKong Lighting Fair and the Light Congress in Chengdu. The journey was marked by interesting discussions, lectures, contacts and, of course, excellent food.

Pod and Poppy in Frankfurt

September 2018. You can now also visit the LZF lamps “Pod” and “Poppy” in the restaurant dean & david in Frankfurt.

Four nominations for the German Design Award

August 2018. The iJoy lights “Leaf”, “Tile”, “Clip” and “Shower” have been nominated for the German Design Award.

Bauhaus Dessau

July 2018. Travel tip: If you also want to plan a trip to Berlin, visit Dessau. The restored Bauhaus buildings are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to guided tours through the school and the museum with permanent and temporary exhibitions, overnight stays in the studio building are also possible.

Bauhaus Dessau

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

June 2018. At the lighting fair in Guangzhou, Joy Lighting presented new lights. In addition to new floodlights, the lantern family “Acacia” was introduced.
The new products and the 180 square meter booth were designed by Burkhard Dämmer.


European Product Design Award

May 2018. The “Tile” lamp, designed by Burkhard Dämmer for Joy Lighting, has got an Gold Award at European Product Design Awards 2018 in the category Illumination/ Outdoor lighting.

Gold Award

European Product Design Award

May 2018. The “Clip” lamp, designed by Burkhard Dämmer for Joy Lighting, has got an Silver Awards at European Product Design Awards 2018 in the category Illumination/ Outdoor lighting.

Silver Award

European Product Design Award

May 2018. The Dandelion lamp, designed by Burkhard Dämmer for LZF, has got two Awards at European Product Design Awards 2018.
The Gold Award, in the category Designer Lighting, and a Silver Award in the category Home interior products/ Lighting.

Gold Award
Silver Award

Red Dot Award

March 2018. The outdoor luminaire “Clip”, designed for Joy Lighting, has been awarded with the Red Dot Award.


März 2018. The Light Walk on 22.3. was a complete success.
Two Frankfurt school classes drew their light clusters, accompanied by many visitors, on the circuit on the Main river. The light objects were mounted on the “rickshaws” with generator, designed and implemented by Till Hergenhahn.


IF Award

February 2018. There are three more awards. The outdoor luminaires “Tile”, “Leaf” and “Shower”, designed for Joy Lighting, have been awarded the IF Award.

Design Plus Award

February 2018. The outdoor lamp “Tile”, designed for
Joy Lighting has been awarded with the Design Plus Award. At Light & Building, the luminaire will be on display at the Joy Lighting stand (Hall 10.1) and at the Design Plus exhibition (Hall 1.2).

Fotoshooting in Shanghai

Januar 2018. Photoshooting of the new Joy Lighting lamps in Shanghai.

Emocions Barcelona

January 2018. Last year, the restaurant “Emocions” in Barcelona was equipped with an installation of Pod and Poppy lights by LZF.


January 2018. The new year has begun and promises to be exciting. In the first half of the year, new luminaires will be presented at the trade fairs in Tokyo, Shanghai, Frankfurt and Guangzhou. At the Light & Building fair, the stand design for Joy Lighting and, at the parallel Luminale, a project with
Till Hergenhahn.
More details soon.


June 2017. At the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair in China, Joylighting presented itself for the first time to the public. The new brand and its first outdoor lighting collection was presented on more than 70 square meters.
The 10 product families, designed by Burkhard Dämmer, aroused great interest among trade fair visitors from all over the world.


European Product Design Award

April 2017. The Dandelion lamp, designed by Burkhard Dämmer for LZF, has got two Awards at European Product Design Awards 2017.
The Gold Award, in the category Designer Lighting, and a Silver Award in the category Home interior products/ Lighting.

Gold Award
Silver Award

Designer Spotlight: Lighting in Bloom

March 2017. An article on the website of the Californian agency LIGHT

Lighting in Bloom

Lichtwoche Sauerland

March 2015. Light manufacturer Bankamp presented Burkhard Dämmers Frame and his 5 other new models at the Lichtwoche Sauerland.

Decade of Design

January 2017. The U.S. Interior Design Magazine published the new book “Decade of Design”.
A 10-year collection of extraordinary design by leaders in the field shows the apex of global design. It celebrates the impressive output of the world’s leading design companies and LZF is thrilled to have the Cervantes pendant by Burkhard Dämmer included.

LZF & Burkhard Dämmer:

December 2016. A perfect design combination

LZF & Burkhard Dämmer

German Design Award

November 2016. The LZF lamp “Dandelion” got the German Design Award.

German Design Award

New continent, new country, new client

Oktober 2016. More info at the Lighting Fair Guangzhou in June 2017.

Press releases about the Cervantes

September 2016. Several articles about the “Cervantes”:


the 7 exclusive journal



Five Questions Interview

August 2016. Five Questions Interview with Burkhard Dämmer at LZF.


German Design Award

August 2016. The LZF lamp “Dandelion” got a nomination for the German Design Award.


May 2016. Interview with Burkhard Dämmer at LUMENS.

You find the interview at:



April 2016. 13 questions to the designer. Interview with Burkhard Dämmer on the Spanish Design blog OCIO HOGAR.

You find the interview under the following link:



March 2016. For the Light & Building fair, Stylepark created a “map” with selected Lamps. Also with it: LZF´s Dandelion.

You´ll find the map and article at Stylepark :

Show us your light

Light & Building, Frankfurt

March 2016. LZF presented the pendent version of the Cervantes at the Light & Building in Frankfurt.

Light & Building, Frankfurt

March 2016. Light manufacturer Bankamp presented Burkhard Dämmer´s new model Line at the Light & Building in Frankfurt.

Hilton Helsinki

February 2016. The Doos Architects choosed LZF´s lamps for the Hotel Hilton Helsinki Strand. The restaurant of the Hotel is illuminated with Totems, Pod, Poppy by Burkhard Dämmer and Ray Power´s Link.

Good Design Award 2015 / Chicago

December 2015. Each year, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum presents the Good Design Award for the most innovative and cutting-edge designs around the world. This year, the Dandelion recieved the prestigious award.

Showroom in Valencia, Spain

November 2015. A Koi, Spiros and Dandelions at the new LZF showroom in Chiva.

“Super Agent” Bar in Valencia, Spain

November 2015. At the “Super Agent” meeting at LZF, cocktails were served at the “Super Agent Bar”. Shaked or stirred.

Mandarin Bar in Bodrum, Turkey

November 2015. The „Mandarin Bar“ in Bodrum, Turkey, serves as another example of a well-done Pod/Poppy installation.

Selection „Best of the year“

October 2015. American magazine Interior Design chooses the Lamp of the Year. LZFs lamp Dandelion is among the nominees.

Dandelion on Contemporist

Mai 2015. The blog Contemporist about the Dandelion:


Dandelion in Milan

April 2015. LZF presented the new model Dandelion at the EUROLUCE in Milan.

Cervantes in Milan

April 2015. LZF presented the new model Cervantes at the EUROLUCE in Milan.

Lichtwoche Sauerland

March 2015. Light manufacturer Bankamp presented Burkhard Dämmers new model Feuille at the Lichtwoche Sauerland.

Fotoshooting in Valencia

January 2015. Fotoshooting of the new LZF lamps in Valencia.

XPO Kortrijk, Belgien

October 2014. LZF was featured for the first time at the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium. As was the case at Light & Building, Burkhard Dämmer was responsible for constructing and erecting the exhibition stand structure as well as the counter. 

Visiting Valencia

September 2014. Discussed new lamp designs with LZF’s CEOs Marivi Calvo and Sandro Tothill to be displayed in the ambience of the Opera Valencia.

Light & Building Frankfurt

March 2014. By using the example of a Cuad-installation, LZF presented new solutions using oversized canopies at Light & Building in Frankfurt. The exhibition stand’s new furniture was built in collaboration with LZF CEO Marivi

M70 Opening of the new workspace

January 2014. The move is complete. The collaborative workspace M70 has launched with a big party. Around 150 guests, two bands and a generous buffet made it a very nice evening. In the LZF-blog you can find an article about the party:

M70 Party

Designers Inside

October 2013. The following article was written after a visit to LZF in Valencia:

Designer Inside

New Office

September 2013. The renovation of the new office premises in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen is well underway. The newly established collaborative workspace “M70” will be moving in shortly.

Poppy in Berlin

July 2013. The restaurant Soya Cosplay has opened close to Brandenburger Tor. An installation of _Poppy_-lamps is part of the splendid interior furnishings. 

Museum Angewandte Kunst

June 2013. The lobby of the MAK in Frankfurt has gained another attraction. Large-size graphic works by Jasmin Kress will be on display along with the exhibitions. The unique mounting structure, designed by Burkhard Dämmer, makes it possible to position the works in various angles and at varying distances from the wall. 

Quad in Mailand vorgestellt

April 2013. LZF presented the new models Quad and I-Club slim in Milan.

Museum Stands for SCHIRN

February 2013. Like STÄDEL before them, SCHIRN Kunsthalle in Frankfurt has now decided to use the Museum Stands.

skulpture for Montevideo

January 2013. Sculptor JÜRGEN WILMS has conceived a memorial for the victims of the dictatorship in Uruguay. Now he is on his way to Montevideo in order to further the project’s realisation. To better visualize the memorial he has taken along 3D- and 4D-pictures generated by Burkhard Dämmer.

LZF at the London Design Week

September 2012. LZF exibited at the London Design Week.
Find more information at:

London 2012

GRASSGRUEN at Schloss Wolfshagen

September 2012. Designerin Katja von Ruville exibited at the fair Gartenfest at Schloss Wolfshagen near Frankfurt. She showed her light objects, presented on the LED obeject lamp serie OL.

Schloss Wolfshagen

LZF at the Valencia Fair

September 2012. LZF exibited at the Feria Habitat Valencia.

Totem in Portland, Oregon

August 2012. The Randall Children´s Hospital in Portland, Oregon was designed by the architects Zimmer-Gunsul-Frasca. They selected the Totem lamp to enlight the entrance hall of the building.

Making of Totem

June 2012. The LZF Handmade 2012 movie is online. It shows the in house developement of the lamp Totem. Designed in a cooperation of the designer Marivi Calvo and Burkhard Dämmer.

Handmade 2012

Telegram Interview

May 2012. The serie of LZF Telegram Interviews is continued. The interview with Burkhard dämmer is online now.

Telegram Interview


November 2011. Designer Kajta von Ruville presenting her new objects in the Licht & Luft exibition at her gallerie Grassgruen. The objects are placed and enlighted by the LED object lamp serie OL, designed by Burkhard Dämmer.

_OL Serie

LZF at Qubique

Oktober 2011. At the premiére of the new fair Qubique in Berlin also LZF was represented with lamps from Burkhard Dämmer. Watch the movie with impressions from the fair and the lamps:

LZF at Qubique


Juli 2011. At the Brandery fashion fair in Barcelona, the catwalk was enlighted by an installation of LZF Totem lamps.

A bench on tour

June 2011. Günther Bauer´s exibition Pionierinnen des Frauenfussball has started. The exibition can be visited in the Worldcup Cities Mönchengladbach, Berlin, Köln, Wolfsburg, Bochum, Sinnsheim and Frankfurt. Also on tour: the Audiobenches, designed by Burkhard Dämmer.

Pionierinnen des Fraunefussball


IF Award for the Schöck balcony system

Mai 2011. The balcony system bs1 for _Schöck Balkonsysteme GmbH_got an IF Award.


Reverso in Adi Design Index

March 2011. The association ADI selects each year about 100 of the best Italian products of the year. The lamp Reverso was awarded into the Adi Design Index 2010 and is therefore in the selection of the Compasso d´Oro.


Museo Franz Meier, Mexico City

January 2011. The Museo Franz Meier is showing an exibition of selected examples of spanish designs. Next to other also the LZF models Icon, I-club and x-club, designed by Burkhard Dämmer are exibited.